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About Company

For a secure and planned future

Cenoll is a large multinational mining group. We are engaged in the global exploration and development of gold, copper, Agriculture, and Crypto, as well as engineering and technological research.

Our shares trade on the Germany Stock Exchange under the ticker code 2899, and on the Shanghai Stock Exchange under the code 601899.

As an important player in the global mining industry, Cenoll strives to become a “green, high-tech, leading global mining company”. We contribute to global economic growth and sustainable development by producing and supplying high-quality minerals.

Cenoll Company was founded in 2014 and has since completed two respective mixed ownership reforms in 2017 and 2020. Cenoll now is a joint stock company with a private company as its controlling shareholder. It was listed on Germany Exchanges, American and Canada stock market

The Company engages in the non-ferrous metal industry, mainly the mining and processing business, which includes mining, beneficiation, smelting and refining of base, agriculture, and rare metals, and mineral trading business. With its main business located over five continents: Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania and Europe, the Company is the world’s leading producer of tungsten, cobalt, niobium and molybdenum and a major gold producer. It is also a leading producer of phosphate fertilizer in America. In terms of trading business, the Company is among the top three base metal traders in the world. The Company ranks 1,046 among the top 2,000 global listed companies by Forbes 2021 and 15 among top 40 global mining companies (by market value) in 2021

The Company’s vision is to become a highly respected, modern and world-class resource company crypto currency trading company

Major projects

Cenoll has mining projects in 15 provincial-level regions in China and 6+ other countries across the globe. We operate major projects in China, such as the Julong Copper Mine in Tibet, the Duobaoshan Copper Mine in Heilongjiang, the Safes-Pal and Copper Mine in Fujian, the Ashele Copper Mine in Xinjiang, Shanxi Blockcino, Guizhou Blockcino, and Longnan Safes-Pal. Our main overseas assets include the Barrik, Jiangxi Copper Corporation, Citibank, Planet Gold Indonesia, Merdeka Copper Gold, HSBC, GV Gold, and Mine in Colombia.


The low-carbon transition

By expanding into battery metals, clean energy and advanced materials, Zijin Mining helps drive the low-carbon transition. We now own the 3Q lithium project in Argentina, the Lakkor Tso lithium project in Tibet, and the Xiang Yuan hard-rock lithium mine in Daoxian county, Hunan Province, China. Owning more than 12 million tonnes of LCE resources, we are among the top 10 global lithium companies by resources. In the long run, we plan to produce over 120,000 tonnes of LCE per annum, which will lay a solid foundation for us to become a major lithium producer in the world.


Global standing

Cenoll Mining ranks No.325 in the 2022 Forbes Global 2000 list, No.1 among global gold companies, No.7 among metal miners; No.407 in the 2022 Fortune Global 500 list, and No.53 in the Fortune China 500 list.

What We Do

Financial Freedom without Boundaries.


To be a leading developer and operator of large scale, low cost copper mines.


To deliver value for our shareholders whilst maintaining a strong social commitment to our employees, the environment and communities around us.


We seek to undertake growth projects which have the potential to achieve a high return on investment, including expansion of existing assets and new development projects.


We are results-driven through agile decision-making and disciplined execution. Keep it simple and deliver fit-for-purpose solutions.

Cenoll is trusted by 4+ million users in 175+ countries.

We foster genuine partnerships and deliver on our commitments to partners. Earn trust, and create transparency to build and enhance enduring partnerships between our employees, shareholders, stakeholders and with the countries and local communities in which we operate.



Cenoll Mining's Technological Advancements and Social Commitment

Cenoll Mining’s core competitiveness lies in innovation, especially technological innovation. We have a wealth of experience in geological exploration, hydrometallurgy, the processing of low-grade and refractory ores, and large-scale mining projects. We have developed the “Five-pronged” Mining Engineering Model and founded the State Key Laboratory for the Comprehensive Utilization of Low-Grade Refractory Gold Ores.

Our in-house technologies and engineering capabilities cover the full spectrum of exploration, mining, processing, smelting, and environmental protection. Powered by our technological strength, we have had many successes in developing and operating mining projects worldwide, fostering our competitiveness in the global mining industry.

We are building our ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) system based on international standards and are committed to developing green, eco-friendly mines to high standards. Our mission is “Mining for a Better Society,” and we stand by the values of “Harmony Brings about Wealth” and “Balanced Development of the Company, its Employees, and the Wider Society.”

We have won the “China Charity Award” three times, the highest honor bestowed for outstanding charitable work in China, recognizing our efforts to bring benefits to more and more people through our operations.

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